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The Daniel Pearl Youth Center

Click here to access the form to tell us your information about your children for the 2018-19 year. 

The Colburn Family Foundation, in conjunction with the clergy and the board, are proud to present a youth center which reflects the long term commitment to our youth and helps them to understand, investigate, and better relate to their Jewish identity in addition to facilitating greater engagement with youth in our greater community. The project is warmly embraced by the Daniel Pearl Foundation.

The vision of the Daniel Pearl Youth Center is based on three pillars: kehilla (community and Jewish identity), Torah and tefillah (learning and prayer), and chesed (kindness and social action), and is meant to individually and collectively to foster our youth to become confident Jewish adults with strong Jewish identities who are ready to contribute to the synagogue and greater Jewish community. 

The 2018-19 calendar for the Daniel Pearl Youth Center is coming soon!

Kehilla (Community and Jewish Identity): Youth should come to shul and find welcoming, joy and belonging. As students form a community with their peers in our programs, they will also become a greater part of the Beth Sholom community, the greater Jewish community, and Israel, learning about identity, community contributions and responsibility. 

Torah and Tefillah (Learning and Prayer): Youth will cultivate a relationship with tefillah through personal and communal prayer. Furthermore, they will foster Torah-based skills and literacy, including the ability to engage in meaningful discussions of Jewish thought and identity. Therefore, the Daniel Pearl Youth Center expresses a commitment to facilitate learning that will enable broad participation in communal and home-based rituals and facilitate learning of knowledge, from the weekly Torah portion to Jewish history and culture, as well as the Hebrew language. 

Chesed (Kindness): Youth will create an understanding of the importance of acts of loving-kindness through group and individual acts of direct service to others.

Tue, December 1 2020 15 Kislev 5781