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About Our Library

The Library Committee seeks to foster Jewish learning, Jewish literacy and the enjoyment of reading. Our goals include: 1) to provide Jewish materials covering ancient and modern history, politics, Israel Studies, fiction and biography not available in the public library system, 2) to hold educational programs on topics of Jewish literature and literacy and 3) to encourage learning about Israel.

Click here for our catalog. 

Library Location, Hours and Borrowing

Our lending collection of fiction, biography, memoir and popular non-fiction is housed in Chuck’s Room, the conference room on the first floor. Talmud and seforim, located in the Bobrow Chapel, are for on-site study only and should not be removed. The Library Annex, located on the second floor across from the elevator is the repository for older reference works, history and other volumes for which there is no longer enough room in Chuck’s Room or the Bobrow Chapel.

The Library is open for browsing and borrowing whenever the building is open.

Borrowing is on the “honor system”.  Please return books within three weeks and leave them on the countertop in the library for reshelving.

Online Judaic Studies Virtual Library

As we all need access to the Jewish classics, Library committee member Meyer Katzper has developed an online Judaic Studies virtual library. Follow this link to primary Jewish sources and resources online. Included are sites in Hebrew and English and suited for the needs of beginning and advanced scholars.

Donations to our Library

Donate money to BSCTT directed for the Library Fund.  Funds are used for the purchase of new books for the library collections.

To donate and dedicate newly published books or to suggest book acquisitions: Contact Rabbi Cooper.

Regarding bulk book donations:  In the library’s early years, we welcomed book donations by the boxload which enabled building the collection.  As our catalog grew most donated books were found to be duplicates and were channeled to the popular book giveaway events.  Now, unfortunately, we no longer have the space or youthful volunteer energy to accept bulk donations.

Volunteer your time: After twelve years of actively managing the library, the senior volunteer leaders stepped down in February of 2024.  Rabbi Cooper is overseeing the library until a new volunteer or volunteers will step up to the task.  Contact Rabbi Cooper if you would like to take an active role in managing the library.

Library Webpage revised March 6, 2024
Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784