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Kashrut Guidelines


Beth Sholom’s greatest asset is our strong community. One aspect of strengthening our community comes when families invite each other and newcomers to their homes for a Shabbat meal. The guidelines below are intended to enable anyone to feel confident offering and accepting hospitality within our shul community, while ensuring that food and beverages can be eaten and enjoyed according to the Laws of Shabbat and Kashrut. We recognize that members of Beth Sholom have different levels of observance with respect to Kashrut and Shabbat. We respect and welcome everyone regardless of where they are on their Jewish path. However, if you would like to offer hospitality through Beth Sholom’s hospitality committee or cook a chesed meal through the Beth Sholom Chesed Committee, you must adhere to these guidelines.  
The laws of Shabbat and Kashrut are complex. The purpose of this document is to simplify the laws. It does not replace ongoing study but it does lay down basic guidelines to allow everyone to have a common document. This document can also be used to facilitate a conversation when you invite someone to your home. When inviting people to your home, consider saying “we follow the Beth Sholom Guidelines.” This will remove any potential discomfort in accepting the invitation. If you are invited and do not know if the host adheres to these guidelines, you can respond, “I would love to come. I only eat at homes that follow the Beth Sholom Guidelines. Will I still be able to come to your house?”
We hope that these guidelines enhance hospitality within our community both between members and with newcomers. Thank you for helping us make Beth Sholom such a wonderful and welcoming community! if anything in this document is unclear or if you have further questions that are not addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Rabbi Antine – 
Approved Hechshers (Kashrut Symbols)
As a community, we want everyone to feel comfortable, so we encourage you to review this list of acceptable hechshers that was prepared by ASBI Congregation in Chicago which can be used as a general guideline. ​​​​​If you have questions about a specific food item or hashgacha we encourage you to contact our clergy.
Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784