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Sephardic Minyan - מניין ספרדי

Sephardi Minyan at Beth Sholom

Within the walls of Beth Sholom Synagogue, a thriving Sephardi Minyan is continuing to grow and be the home and gathering place for many members of Sephardi heritage. 

A melting pot of members from the vast and ancient lands of the Middle East such as Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Syria, Yemen…and modern Israel gathered here since 1996.

Led by a Rabbinic, Biblical and Halachic scholar, Rabbi Haim Ovadia whose path blazed communities in Israel, South America and the USA.

Enjoy a heartwarming and elating Shabbat and Holiday Services, filled with poignant Sephardi melodies sung in unison by congregants. Connect with community, build friendships and comradery with members and friends. 

Enjoy the beauty and spaciousness of the Bobrow Chapel that can accommodate 150+ congregants comfortably

Enjoy a delicious Kiddush, musical concerts and other synagogue wide community celebrations in the company of family and friends

The Minyan has programs for young and mature families, teens, adults and the sisterhood, promoting the Sephardi culture and heritage.

As a member of Beth Sholom Synagogue, you have access to all the synagogue benefits, young family and teen programs, educational programs for adults, sisterhood programs and life cycle events.

If you live in Montgomery County, Maryland or plan to move to the DC metro area, We welcome you to join us with open arms.

For further information and membership details please contact 

Rabbi Haim Ovadia was born in Israel, ordained by Chief Rabbi Mordekhai Eliyahu and served in
communities in Israel, South America and the West Coast. New York. He holds a BA in Talmud from Bar Ilan University and a MA in Hebrew
Literature from UCLA. Rabbi Ovadia has taught at the American Jewish University (formerly the
University of Judaism) and is now spearheading a series of concerts throughout the Los Angeles area
that seek to revive the cultural heritage of Sephardic Jews as a means of strengthening Jewish identity,
tolerance, and multiethnic awareness.

Bobrow Chapel

Sat, April 1 2023 10 Nisan 5783