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Sisterhood Gift Shop

The Ingber Gift Shop has a complete array of items to enrich your holiday observance. Join us on Sunday, August 26th, from 9am-12pm for a grand reopening!

Candlesticks, Shabbat Candles, Challah Boards, Challah Covers, HavdallahCandles

Rosh Hashanah
Apple and Honey Dishes, Shofarot, Shofar Stands

Sukkah Decorations, etrog Boxes, lulav and etrog bags

Simchat Torah
Flags and Stuffed Torahs

Latkes platters, Hanukkiot, Gelt, Dreidels, Candles

Masks, Noise Makers (groggers), Megillot

Seder Plates, matzo plates, salt water and haroset dishes and Haggadot

Ritual Observance
TallitotKippotTefillin, mezzuzot, Prayerbooks

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Gifts
Jewelry, Picture Frames, Candlesticks, Kiddush Cups, Jewelry and Jewelry Boxes, Tzedakah Boxes, and more

Wedding Gifts
Groom’s Glass, Mezuzot, Picture Frames, Candlesticks, Kiddush Cups, and more

Hostess Gifts
Glass Serving Dishes, Platters, Serving Pieces, Cookbooks and Stands, Cheese Boards

Kids Gifts
Games, Books for all Ages, Wooden Holiday Play Sets

Mon, June 17 2019 14 Sivan 5779