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Welcome to Beth Sholom’s Sisterhood Page!


Our Sisterhood is an organization of women that is 83 years strong!

Women have always played a role here at Beth Sholom. It started in 1908 with a woman who opened her home for a small group of men to start a minyan, so it’s said. Over the following years the women organized into what became known as the Women’s Auxiliary.  Later, when Beth Sholom moved to Potomac, MD, the Beth Sholom Sisterhood became its’ successor organization.  In 1977, for the first time, a woman sat on the Board of Directors. Then Beth Sholom hired its first female assistant spiritual leader a Rabbanit from 2016-2019.

As times have changed so has the Sisterhood. In the past, the Sisterhood assisted with the Talmud Torah, youth activities, fundraising banquets, all social activities, the kitchen, kiddushes and just about every aspect of synagogue life. Since that time, many of the Sisterhood’s principal functions have spun off and are run more efficiently by individual committees.

Today’s Sisterhood includes women of all ages and many of our events also include the men. Becoming involved in the  Sisterhood is a wonderful way to connect with others in the Beth Sholom community. We are multi-generational and multi-cultural within Judaism and we provide social, educational and fundraising activities throughout the year. 

TOGETHER, as women, we embrace our heritage, build lasting friendships, support our synagogue and continue the legacy for our daughters for generations to come.

 Elisa Elfasi,                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sisterhood President                                                                                                                                                       


 What has not changed is the need for fundraising. Membership is NOT required to participate, but to it ensures funding for our programs to the Beth Sholom community. We invite you to donate by joining today. 

Lifetime Membership $150 | Yearly Membership $36 | Chai Membership $18 (Women 21 to 30 years of age)           

Current memberships receive 20% off on Gift Shop items!! 

Fill out a membership form here and return it to the office!   

Interested in volunteering? Fill out a volunteer form here and return it to the office!                  



The Ingber Gift Shop

The Ingber Gift Shop is located across the main office. We feature an array of items for Shabbat and all the holidays. Please stop by and see what catches your eye! Appointments are made for your convenience and on your time. Please contact, to make an appointment. 

You can view items for sale and purchase them by clicking here.


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