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Tefilah after Reopening

STEP 1: Sign waiver (ONE TIME ONLY!)

If you are planning on davening at Beth Sholom, whether in person or in your car, you must complete a waiver:

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STEP 2: Choose In person or Car Davening:

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STEP 3 - Health and Safety Guidelines

Please review the guidelines by clicking on the image below:

If you do not want to or cannot daven in person or in the parking lot, you can join via Zoom:


Minyan Guidelines

  • There will be one daily shacharit minyan and one daily mincha/maariv minyan, which will meet in the back of the shul parking lot adjacent to the Fox Wing of the building. Each weekday minyan will also be broadcast over Zoom so that anyone can halachically join the minyan (and say kaddish) without being there in person.
  • The number of people physically at each minyan will be subject to a strict cap, with the precise number to be determined before minyan actually resumes based on county and state guidelines and an assessment of our physical space. Currently (as of 8/5) the cap is 1 person or family unit per 200 square feet. 
  • The minyan will comprise a group outside consisting of the maximum number of people allowed by the cap 
  • Children under bnai mitzvah age are not permitted to be in this group. Based on CDC guidance, anyone over the age of 65 or with underlying health conditions that put them at higher risk are strongly discouraged from participating in this group. 
  • In addition, on weekdays the minyan will comprise another group of people who will remain in their cars, thereby enabling more people to physically attend. Davening in a car is halachically acceptable, and attendees in cars may roll down their driver’s side window for greater participation.
  • All attendees - both outside cars and inside cars -  will be required to sign up beforehand through an online registration process, and will have to certify that they are exhibiting no COVID-19 symptoms and are healthy. 
  • All attendees in the group outside of cars must wear masks at all times and adhere to social distancing guidelines. There will be spots marked off in the parking lot for minyan attendees, and no chairs will be provided as anything must be sanitized after each use, though registered attendees outside of cars are welcome to bring their own chairs. All attendees must bring their own siddur, tefillin, tallit, and chumash if applicable. None will be provided.
  • Attendees who wear tallit and tefillin should put them on upon exiting their car or before arriving at minyan. Shacharit will start at Yishtabach, so attendees should daaven psukei d’zimra at home, and every repetition of Amida at every minyan will be subject to heichi kedusha.
  • We reiterate the guidance from the OU and our local halakhic authorities that until in-person minyan resumes at shul, backyard minyanim are prohibited, and we ask that all shul members continue to refrain from organizing or attending them. Once in-person minyan resumes at shul, Beth Sholom continues to strongly discourage backyard minyanim due to the various risks involved. We understand, however, that people may feel that organizing these minyanim is necessary, and if they are held, for the sake of the community’s wellbeing we urge them to adhere to the relevant county and state guidelines with regard to numbers, social distancing, and health and safety precautions.
Tue, December 1 2020 15 Kislev 5781