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Purim is one of the highlights of the year at Beth Sholom! On Purim night we have the following megilah readings:
  • Main Megillah Reading (Epstein Sanctuary)
  • Halachic Interactive Family Service (Abramson Right Side) Join our Shlicha Rena Ableman, Rabbi Antine, and surprise guests for lots of Purim fun! This new and improved interactive reading (by Nat Lewin) will include sound effects, funny hats, acting, and much more. Kids’ participation is encouraged. Right after the Megillah reading, there will be a costume parade for all the kids to show their costumes and some fun games.
  • Women’s Megillah Reading (w/artistic explanation)  (Bobrow Chapel-for women only). The Megillah will be read by women in the community, and each chapter will be accompanied by an artistic interpretation of the story projected on a screen.
  • Sephardic Reading (Herschel Hall)  
Purim Day: 
On Purim day, we typically have two minyanim for shacharit and megilah reading. Rabbi Antine hosts a Purim Seudah at his home on Purim afternoon. 
Some Important Halachot of Purim:
  • Megillah Reading: All adults are required to hear every word of the Megillah both in the evening and in the morning. The Shehechiyanu bracha said in the morning megillah reading applies to all of the mitzvot of the day: The Purim Seudah, Matanot L’Evyonim (gifts to the poor) and Mishloach Manot. These three mitzvot must be fulfilled during Purim day.
  • Mishloach Manot: One is obligated to give a gift to at least one person, with at least two ready-to-eat foods. A person in their year of mourning should not receive Mishloach Manot, but is obligated to give.
  • Matanot L’Evyonim: The mitzvah of giving gifts to the poor on Purim is of great importance, and though you may choose to give your tzedakah to whomever you like, remember that Jewish law requires that the poor receive the money on Purim itself. Here are some suggested ways to do this mitzvah:
    Rabbi Antine’s Tzedakah Fund
    Yad Yehuda of Greater Washington Matanot L’Evyonim Fund 
    Leket Israel
  • Purim Seudah: The Purim Seudah should be a full meal, including washing, eating bread and doing Birkat HaMazon. Some have the custom to drink extra at the middle, to 'not know the difference between Haman and Mordechai.' Remember that alcohol may not be served to minors. Please be safe, and please note that is halachically forbidden to drive while drunk.
Wed, January 16 2019 10 Shevat 5779