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Purim 5781: This Year's Schedule 

PURIM GUIDE 5781 / 2021
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2/25- Ta’anit Esther
5:28 AM Fast begins
6:45 AM Shacharit
8:00 AM Shacharit
5:35 PM Mincha/Maariv
6:10 PM Zoom Costume party for families -

  • Come to share your costume and hear a short (non halachic) megillah reading including Haman's name!

6:25 PM Maariv

  • Ashkenazi - OUTDOORS (parking lot)
  • Sephardic - INDOORS (Epstein)


6:37 PM Fast Ends

2/26- Purim Day
6:30 AM - Asheknazi Minyan On Zoom:  Megillah reading approximately 7:00 AM (in Atrium - indoor and outdoor seating available)

9:00 AM - Ashkenazi minyan (Megillah approximately 9:30 AM)

11:00 AM Drive up Megillah reading in parking lot (stay in your car with window rolled down or socially distanced outside seating) Email to RSVP
12:00 PM- 1:00 PM Virtual Purim Seudah - 

  • Join Rabbis Antine and Cooper for a l’chaim and music. Feel free to bring a one minute Purim dvar Torah!

5:05 PM: Virtual Pre Shabbat Program - 
5:40 PM - Candle Lighting
5:45 PM - Mincha/Maariv (in Atrium)

PURIM GUIDE 5781 / 2021
(Click here for Printable Version)

Taanit Esther (Thursday, February 25)
Fast begins - 5:28 am
Fast ends - 6:37 PM
One should ideally not break their fast until after the Megillah is read. If they are not feeling well then a little snack could be consumed before the reading of the megillah. Taanit Esther is considered a minor fast and anyone who begins to feel unwell on this day should eat and drink.

Mahatzit Hashekel – Half-Shekel
It is customary in the month of Adar to givea “half-shekel” as a remembrance of the head-tax in Temple times which was collected in order to have new funds for communal sacrifices for the new Temple fiscal-year which began the following month in Nisan. The customary time to collect this money is prior to Mincha on the day before Purim or on Purim morning. At shul, you will find a bundle of three half-dollars which represent the half shekels. On a regular year, we lift up the bundle of three half dollars. This year, in order to avoid many people touching the same coins, just drop $1.50 (or more!) into the basket and have in mind that you are acquiring the bundle and then giving it to tzedaka. Those unable to attend shul in person can participate in this custom from home. Set aside three half-dollars to charity while saying “Zecher l’machazit ha-shekel – to remember the mitzvah of giving half a shekel.”

Reading the Megillah
All Jewish adults, men and women, are obligated to read or hear Megillat Esther at night and again in the daytime. We will have indoor and outdoor readings on Thursday night at 6:35 pm. The morning readings will be at approximately 7:00 am (as part of 6:30 am minyan) and at 9:30 am (as part of the 9 am minyan). We will have readings led by men (for men and women) and readings led by women (for women only) and we also have a sephardic reading.
Those who are unable to hear the Megillah in person may fulfill their obligation by listening over zoom. The reading which will be led by men (for men and women) will be in the Brodie Zoom Room ( and the women’s reading will be at If you own your own megillah scroll and do not know how to read megillah for yourself, you can chant along with a recording of megillat Esther and fulfill your obligation in that way.

Mishloach Manot – Sending (food) Parcels
We know that many people go all out on this mitzvah on a regular year. For this year, we want to encourage you to think especially of people who might benefit from the Purim cheer. Keep in mind that many people are not eating things that are made in people’s homes. We also think that this year especially, nobody should feel any pressure to do anything more than the minimal mitzvah as many are nervous about leaving their homes. Mishloach Manot can be left at the door and can be achieved with “contactless” delivery (keep in mind that one can fulfill the mitzvah with just two food items to one person).

Matanot Laevyonim – Gifts to the Poor
This year we are partnering with Yad Yehuda to provide Purim Tzedaka to local people in need. This will enable those in our community who are struggling to enjoy Purim this year and have a wonderful seudah! Here is the link to donate:

Se’udah – Festive Meal
The Purim Seudah is often enjoyed with friends and family. This year, the seudah will obviously have to be limited to accommodate Covid restrictions. Since it is Erev Shabbat, the seduah should ideally begin before midday (12:22 PM) but if this is not possible then one may have the seudah even in the afternoon but should try to stop in time to have a hearty appetite for the shabbat meal.

Sat, December 4 2021 30 Kislev 5782