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Israel at War 

Beth Sholom stands with Israel in its time of need as we pray and act on behalf of the victims, the injured, the hostages, the IDF and all of Medinat Yisrael.

Here are a few ways that we can help show our support for Israel:

Donate money: There are many organizations right now trying to support Israel, the IDF, and civilians.  Here are a few places to consider donating money.  

  1. The Federation has set up an Israel Crisis Fund.  100% of what is donated through this fund will support the ongoing need in Israel. Click here to donate. Click here to learn more about the ways the Federation is using the funds as well as other ways to support Israel in the coming days. 
  2. FIDF, which directly supports Israeli solidiers. Click here to donate. Click here to read a letter from FIDF to the Beth Sholom community. Click here to see how the funds are being used by FIDF. 
  3.  IsraAID - IsraAID is providing urgent aid and psychosocial support to children and families who have been evacuated from Kibbutzim near Gaza, such as Beeri and Sufa. Click here to donate. Click here to learn more. 
  4. Send money to Benjie Krasna, former Beth Sholom member and Deputy Ambassador for the United States in Israel, He is collecting funds for 100 fleece soft shells for combat engineer units. Send on Zelle to
  5. Help the Terror Victims of Netiv Hasara (Eliav Benjamin's brother's yishuv) - click here to donate and learn more. 
  6. Operation Embrace provides assistance to injured survivors of terror. Click here to read a letter from Rabbi Tessler to the Beth Sholom community. Click here to donate.  
  7. United Hatzalah in Israel - click here to donate.
  8. Magen David Adom - click here to donate.
  9. ZAKA search and rescue - click here to donate. 
  10. Yashar LaChayal is providing tactical gear and bullet proof vests for soldiers.  Click here to donate to Yashar LaChayal. 
  11. Leket Israel provides nutritious food for those in need. Click here to donate to Leket Israel.
  12. Duvdevan Foundation - learn more about how funds will be used to support Duvdevan soliders (some of the most elite in the Israeli army) and donate here.
  13. Message from former Shaliach Tomer Hillel's brother Hagay Hillel:
    We are sayeret givati ​​(special combat unit) in reserve. Unfortunately, the IDF is unable to provide enough combat equipment and warm equipment for the winter, for the upcoming campaign in Gaza, this is going to be a long war and it is important for us to prepare accordingly in order to return with victory and protect the people of Israel. We want to buy comfortable uniforms, good quality helmets, pocket knives, national shirts, shoes, bags and more. All of this is equipment that some of the IDF provides with low quality or not at all due to the load and the large number of soldiers who arrived to the IDF from home. Your help is greatly appreciated, and every donation is important and will help ❤️
    You can donate through Tomer's PayPal by clicking here. 
  14. Kibbutz Alumim - if you would like to help the kibbutz of our speaker of 10/31, Esther Marcus, she sent this link:


Stand in solidarity with Israel: 

1. How Can we Support Israel from Afar: What can we do as a Community? A live Testimony by Maya Parizer, a survivor of the Nova Music Festival massacre. October 29th at 7:00 PM in Rockville, MD. Click here to register for the event and receive the address (see flyer below). 

2. The Vaad HaRabanim invites the community to a tefillah gathering on Sunday night, 10/29, at 8pm at YISE. HaRav Meir Twersky, Rosh Yeshiva at RIETS, will make introductory remarks.

3. First hand report from Gaza border town of Kibbutz Alumim - Join us on 
Tuesday, Oct 31st at 8pm in the Brodie Zoom Room for a conversation with Rabbi Antine & Esther Marcus.
 Esther, a Trauma Therapist, made aliya from London 39 years ago and until Simchat Torah, was living on Kibbutz Alumim, one of the kibbutzim that is located close to Gaza. Dozens of terrorists infiltrated the kibbutz, foreign farm workers were killed, and the agricultural infrastructure was burnt down. Esther and her family, like many of the others from the kibbutz, are now living in hotels and relying on the kindness of friends, strangers and government organizations.

Talk to your children about what is going on in Israel.  Clear here for a resource created by Gilly Canon with ways to talk to young children about the war in Israel.  

Reach out to our community members who have family in Israel and family serving in the IDF.  Many members of our community have family in Israel and children and siblings who are serving in the IDF.  Reach out to them, check in on them, let them know that you support them and that you are here for them. If you hear of someone in our community who is struggling, please let us know.

Davening: Please continue with ongoing Tefilah for Israel and for the IDF soldiers who are protecting the country we love. At every minyan, we will be saying Tehillim and Tefilot for the IDF, the hostages and for all of those who are injured. Please join us in person or on zoom (, password 613613). Shacharit is at 6:30 AM and Mincha/Maariv this week is at 5:50 PM this week (week of 10/29). 

In unity with Am Yisrael and with Medinat Yisrael,

Rabbi Antine
Rabbi Cooper
Tovah Koplow

Sat, July 20 2024 14 Tammuz 5784