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2019 2nd Seder

Open the Door: A Seder for Everyone (eLEVate)
Saturday, April 20th

Whether or not this is your first Seder or your 200th, we hope you join us at eLEVate's second night Seder on Saturday Night, April 20. You’ll experience highlights such as interactive activities, meaningful conversations, joyful singing, and a delicious catered dinner. No previous knowledge required! All readings in Hebrew will be transliterated. We can’t wait to welcome you.

Join us for a unique Seder experience, led by Rabbi Antine and Rabbanit Fruchter, featuring engaging conversation, lively singing, delicious catered dinner, and deep insights into the haggadah in a warm and friendly setting. Readings in both Hebrew and English.  All are welcome! Space is limited, sign up soon.
eLEVate, Beth Sholom's Center for Jewish Engagement, makes the second night seder financially accessible to all of  our friends in the area. Want to sponsor the Seder to to continue to make the Seder affordable for all? Sponsorship options available below. 

Kids playroom available. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. accommodations needed? email 

All are welcome! Space is limited, sign up soon.

Frequently Asked Questions about this Seder

What's eLEVate?
An excellent question! eLEVate is Beth Sholom Congregation's Center for Jewish Engagement. It's goal to help those in our community and beyond (re)connect to their Judaism. There are events and classes throughout the year that help us reach new heights in our Jewish lives and also tie us in with a supportive and warm Jewish community based here at Beth Sholom.
 Is this a *normal* Seder? 

Well, yes and no.  

Yes, in that at its core, this experience is about fulfilling the mitzvah of the Pesach Seder. Everything we do will be in service of that goal! While we won't say everything out loud, everyone at the Seder will be able to fulfill their halachic requirements.

But no, in that we might do this a little differently-- The evening will be a mixture of eating and drinking, storytelling, prayers, songs, meeting new people and discussing with them, learning, and large group activities. Some activities will include walking around, but there will always be seats available for those who have difficulty walking or who need a break or who choose to opt out. Rabbi Antine and Rabbanit Fruchter are going to be facilitating the different segments of the evening, while other parts will take place at your table. It may seem chaotic at times, but we look forward to fulfilling the mitzvah of the Pesach Seder with a sense of curiosity, joy, and warmth. 

You'll let us know in the form if there is a special family custom you can't do without, and we'll try to be creative and think of ways to weave it into the experience. 

What if I can't afford it? 
Please let us know--no one will be turned away for lack of funds. 
What about my kids? 

We will do our best at the Seder to keep it engaging for people of all ages. ​There will be some fun prizes and challenges just for kids. There will also be a play area right outside of the room we are using if your kids need a break. As we get more information about the number of children joining us, we will be able to distribute roles for them throughout the Seder. There will also be an area for play and for little ones in strollers to sleep. 

Do you expect me to bring anything? 
There will be handmade shmura matzah and grape juice, but we will not provide wine. You are welcome to bring your own kosher mevushal wine for the Seder to the office at any point during the week before Passover begins.  While you are welcome to bring your favorite Haggadah, we will provide you with all the text you need, transliterated and translated from Hebrew. Some of the traditional texts will be summarized and not said word for word, but you can take the haggadah we provide along with you as we go on our journey. If you would like to make sure to recite each word, feel free to do so. We’ll update you about where we are.
What's the timing like? When does it start and when does it end?

​​​​​​We will be starting at 8:10 PM. There will be lots of snacks starting at karpas at around 8:40 PM. Dinner will be around 10:15 PM, after which some people may choose to leave. We will finish before 12:00 AM. 

What else should I know? 
As we learn from the four children, there are many different ways to experience the Seder, and understanding different perspectives will help enrich our time together. Even if something is surprising or unusual, try to stretch yourself to be curious and respectful. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if something is unclear or just interesting. Questions are the cornerstone of the Seder.

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Tue, July 7 2020 15 Tammuz 5780